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Raspberry and cherry vinegar

Lemon and thyme

What is it?

Vinegar based

The vinegar contributes to acid, preserves the colours and the raw materials, and the vinegar also has a stimulating effect on our digestion. We balance the taste with sugar and give the products life with the addition of a light carbonation. The colour can change from bottle to bottle as we use all-natural ingredients.

1. Fresh ingredients

We use fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Our production is based on sustainable principles and we choose organic when possible.

2. Slow juicing

We slowjuice vegetables and fruits to preserve, as many of nature’s good vitamins and minerals, as possible.

3. Time

Once the concentrate is produced, all elements must be at ease to integrate and become one.

4. Water and bobbles

We use water from the local water supplier. By adding a light carbonation, we give life to the product.

About us

AIM THIRST was established in 2018, with the goal of making seasonal drinks, that are able to be match with the food you eat when at a restaurant. Shrub can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a pairing with food. We base our production on sustainable principles and choose organic when possible. We are a company that is driven by a passion for taking guests expectations of a non-alcoholic product to new heights. For guests who do not want to consume alcohol, we hope to contribute with a new and better overall experience. We want to pay tribute to the individual tastes by not adding too many ingredients so that you can taste all the flavours. “Keep it simple and clean” is one of our values. Therefore, there will be sediment in the bottles, which we see as a quality. This proves that is it a living and clean product without additives and packed with natural nutrients. We currently only sell to restaurants.


Shrub originally originated in the United States in the 18th century. It was a way of preserving vegetables, berries and fruits throughout the season. The name shrub derives from the Arabic “sharab”, which means “to drink”. In the United States, shrub has become part of the “Ark of Taste”, a catalogue of inherited foods that are in danger of being whipped out. Shrub is a concentrate typically diluted with water for either a still or sparkling soft drink. Denmark has had a long history of the use of vinegar, primarily as a preservative, but never as part of a beverage.

The face behind it

Mia Hjorth Hansen


Mia Hjorth Hansen is the founder of AIM THIRST and is in charge of the company. With a background as an educated waiter from Ruths Hotel, in Gl. Skagen in 2016, she has a great knowledge of food and beverages. Futhermore, does a job as Head of staff development and cocktail creativity at Gedulgt, Århus, contributes to a great deal of knowledge about flavour combinations, as well as an understanding of the guests requests. Mia has a passion for care, quality and a dedication to creating honest and natural products.